How to Make Herbal Infusions and Salves!

Today I want to show you how to make a herbal infusion and salve using a double boiler method. This recipe comes from The Herb Corner located in Melbourne FL. Check them out at

Burn/Healing Salve

1/2 oz equal parts
Calendula, Comfrey Leaf, Plantain and St Johns Wort.

1 cup
Olive Oil

Put into a double boiler let simmering on a low heat setting for 4 hours. Make sure to constantly check the temperature and water level. You want the oil warm but not boiling. When done strain the oil with a cheesecloth. This is the end of the oil infusion! Now on to the slave.

simmer in the double boiler

1 3/4 oz
Bees wax

Make sure the wax melts completely. Then add the 1 cup infused oil. It will make the wax harden again so wait for it to melt. When done remove from heat and add.

1/2 tsp/49 drops
Lavender essential oil

Then quickly add to your containers. Make sure the lids are off and ready. There is a limited amount of time before the salve solidifies. Let cool in the containers and you are done!

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