Today I want to show you how to make a herbal infusion and salve using a double boiler method. This recipe comes from The Herb Corner located in Melbourne FL. Check them out at

Burn/Healing Salve

1/2 oz equal parts
Calendula, Comfrey Leaf, Plantain and St Johns Wort.

1 cup
Olive Oil

Put into a double boiler let simmering on a low heat setting for 4 hours. Make sure to constantly check the temperature and water level. You want the oil warm but not boiling. When done strain the oil with a cheesecloth. This is the end of the oil infusion! Now on to the slave.

simmer in the double boiler

1 3/4 oz
Bees wax

Make sure the wax melts completely. Then add the 1 cup infused oil. It will make the wax harden again so wait for it to melt. When done remove from heat and add.

1/2 tsp/49 drops
Lavender essential oil

Then quickly add to your containers. Make sure the lids are off and ready. There is a limited amount of time before the salve solidifies. Let cool in the containers and you are done!

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With Love, Naythan

About 3 years ago I bought a Squier 60th Anniversary Classic Vibe Start 50s as something cheap to bring to a Blues Jam I was hosting. The guitar I was playing before  had belonged to my father so I wasn’t real comfortable bringing it out and letting people play it.  So at the time I was researching pickups and was drawn to vintage Alnico III magnets. They seems to have “The Tone”, and as I was looking at pickups and the Squier classic vibe strat popped up! I thought, wow $399 for a guitar and has Alnico III magnets! I saw pickups themselves going for that kind of money.

After listening to some videos I was sold. I happened to find the Anniversary edition for $300 locally. From the start I really liked the guitar. I only did a minor setup and took it to the jam that night.  I was blown away with how it sounded, and everyone commented on my tone and that the guitar was gold. I liked the modern C shape of the neck, its lacquer finish. I was pleased with the overall quality. Squier really did something great with these guitars.

Heres a video of me demoing the guitar.

0ne of the things I like about this guitar is that it’s really light weight. I got so used to playing it that when I picked up my fathers old Fender Strat I was shocked how heavy it was compared to the Squier. I also really like the shape of the neck, Its a modern C. The radius is a little more flat compared to the older necks and plays real nice. last but not least, I love the pickups! They ooze Strat. They handle pedals well and retain their tone. Everything about this guitar was done very well and stands up against any Fender I’ve come across. Even though I bought It as a cheap backup guitar it has turned into my #1.



Hello! My name is Naythan Thórpe. I am a Shamanic Healer, Musician, and licensed massage therapist. I’m excited to begin sharing my videos, and experiences on a variety of topics including spirituality, music, health & wellness etc. So stay tuned for future posts!